White Water Rafting in Uganda

Are you curious or you are too enthusiastic  in touring Uganda beautiful sceneries and the Uganda’s ecosystems, mammal including primates!!!!!!, you are most welcome, Nature Adventure Africa Safaris  is the answer to all your desires, they do not offer what you have paid for only but they offer services beyond what you expect from them and this has made them exceptional in the matters concerning tourism, they provide services with the view of perfecting their motto “Adventure Africa With Experts”

On arrival at Entebbe airport Nature Adventure Africa Safaris picked us up and we were  taken to Airport View Hotel where  we  enjoyed a tea and coffee.  very early in the morning the following day, we were driven to the source of the Nile which is a 1hour drive where we met the experienced raft operators and these took us through a brief. After a quick briefing, we fitted out ourselves with life jackets and helmets and these were provided to us  before heading off 15kms down river to the start point  of the day’s rafting

En-route we had time to enjoy some snacks, fruit salad and juice at Riverside Restaurant, all these were given to us because rafting is a physical activity and therefore we had to eat before  entertaining the game. Other Snacks such as pineapples and biscuits were provided to help us keep our energy levels up throughout the day.

Rafting start point is on a flat pool just above the first major rapid, Overtime. The crew will unload the rafts and slide them down the ramp into the river and this us admire the spectacular view as well as use the toilets and changing room provided on site. Once down at the river’s edge, we received a detailed safety briefing, before launching into the river for our last bit of practical instruction, we floated down the pool. As the river meanders through beautiful scenery, we were also guided into the mighty benefits of some of the biggest and safest white water rafting in the world by the raft operators on the Nile.

So one of my colleagues preferred joining the safety boat since he was so fear full, but he felt uncomfortable and this prompted him to walk around and then rejoined us in  the raft because he wanted to enjoy with us, this was absolutely fine.  On the other side, Calm stretches of water separate the rapids, perfect water for forgetting your breath back, you can even take a swim and enjoy the scenery.

At the end of the rafting day, we were taken to Riverside Restaurant, just downstream of the Hairy Lemon Island, for a delicious buffet and cold beers and sodas woooow!!!!!!!!, it was so amazing and for sure I feel so privileged to tell this story of how we enjoyed this great rafting experience. After eating our buffet, quarked our thirst with a couple of cold drinks, we were transported back to Airport View Hotel at Entebbe where we spent an overnight as w were also preparing our flight back to our homeland that’s Spain.

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