Rwanda Mountain Gorillas

Uganda is the best destination to have Amateur or even Professional Photography safari as it offers the finest shots ranging from Tree Climbing Lions, Mountain Gorillas to the impressive Ugandan children as well as the diverse scenery of this African country. Wildlife, Primates like Gorillas and Chimpanzees, Birds, the beautiful Scenery, the Ugandan People are all part of what you will photograph.

It is only your schedule we have to honour as you personally design your Uganda safari. You inform us of what you prefer to photograph and we surely get you there.  The safari vehicle goes and stops wherever you want. There is no moving from unless you choose to; there is no need to move from one animal group to another.

The safari is facilitated by A 4 wheel drive safari vehicle with a pop-up-roof for maximum photography experience. All your equipment will be packed in the vehicle so there is no worry in losing them. We will also provide you with a bean bag / a window mount you can rest your camera for clear as well as steady shots.  A knowledgeable English speaking driver guide.  Private Boat Rides in areas like the Murchison Falls and the Kazinga Channel in Queen Elizabeth Park, Lake Victoria, Lake Mburo and Lake Bunyonyi as well as any other areas with large water bodies.

Private Nature Walks:  We organize private walks in several instances.  In this instance a visit to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest to see the impressive Mountain gorillas.  Most times this safari will have a private walk   accompanied by a knowledgeable Ugandan guide conversant with the area, the wildlife as well as can be able to highlight some other things you could have missed out.

We focus on providing you with the most unique, memorable, and personalized photo holidays tailored to your individual needs. We understand that everyone has different interests and travelers want the freedom to make their great adventure everything they want it to be.

It is only your schedule we have to honour as you personally design your safari and honour your pace. With our highly skilled safari/holiday experience designers we ensure everyone contacting us gets an exciting time with us right from 1st contact, through the safari package designing and while enjoying the safari experience. Certainly you will be overwhelmed by the rich insightful destinations’ information and timely responses you get for any inquiry.

Uganda is the best destination to best safari as it offers the finest shots ranging from Tree Climbing Lions, Mountain Gorillas to the impressive Ugandan children as well as the diverse scenery of this African country. This gives a range of places to visit. It takes you to Kibale national park which dominates Uganda’s primates.

Assemble at Kanyankyu  camp at 0800hours to go for the most popular activity in this park which is Chimpanzee tracking. Chimpanzees are man’s closet cousins though they are one of the most threatened primate’s species. More primates like Black and white Columbus monkeys, L’Hoest Monkeys, Grey checked Mangabey, Red tailed monkeys, bush babies, pottos and many bird species like the yellow spotted nectar, ramped tinker bird, Little greenbul, green breasted pitta, the crowned eagle, black bee eater and mammals like Elephants can be seen in this walk.

Kibale National park, which averages about 3,300 feet in elevation, is an extension of the great rain forests of central Africa. It is inhabited by three large “communities” of chimps, each numbering more than 100 individuals. Each community has a complicated social structure. The big adult males dominate the group and defend the community territory against incursions by male outsiders; the females usually wander in small family groups.

Typically, we locate the chimps by listening for their pant-hooting calls, then hustle to the area from which they are calling. We get to observe them as they feed in fruiting trees, lounge, and socialize with each other, or even, occasionally hunt.

In the afternoon we visit a nearby forest swamp that is excellent for viewing primates and other forest animals. At the Eastern edge of Kibale forest is Bigodi Wetland sanctuary which is maintained by the local community. You will expect birds like the great Blue turaco, blue monkeys, baboons, otters, mongoose, bush bucks, bush pigs and among others. Connect to Bwindi for another primate photo safari.

Of all the many fascinating wildlife photographic subjects out there, few species will get your heart racing like that of the larger than life, Mountain Gorillas. These magnificent creatures are and absolute must photograph species.

No words can describe the feeling when sitting within a few feet of a 500 pound Silver back Mountain Gorilla, with a head the size of a man’s torso, hands the size of dinner plates and the strength of more than 10 football players. Their intimidating size and yet a stare that carries an indescribable gentleness has dubbed them the name “Gentle Giants.

Gorilla photography & Conservation carries out photographic safaris mostly in east African countries like Uganda, Rwanda and Congo and we are ready to attend to every client  from all countries all over the world and do tailor made safaris in different gorilla hosting destinations with unique and periphic features to be noticed.

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