Enjoy wildlife in Kidepo valley national park which is found in the Karamoja region in northern Uganda. The park is referred as the ‘’True African Wilderness’’. The park is traversed by large sand rivers and it is renowned for its distinctive composition of wild game co-existing with the dry mountain forests, open savanna and hilltops capped by rock kopjes.

Whenever you plan for a Uganda safari tours to Kidepo Valley National Park, be waiting to enjoy many things in the park. The park protects 77 mammal species including buffaloes, Zebras, Giraffes and Leopards and almost 500 birds being one of the best birding national parks in Uganda together with Queen Elizabeth National Park and Semuliki National Park and you will also be involved in various activities such as game viewing, foot safaris and mountain climbing and even in the dry season, it is worth the drive just to visit the seasonal River Kidepo which is made of the white sand between banks covered with Borassus palm trees. The park is has safari lodges and camps where tourists live during their safari tours and these lodges include; Kakine self-catering campsite, Apoka safari lodge, Apoka rest camp and more.

Murchison Falls National Park is one of the national parks in Uganda which protects wildlife and it lies at the northern end of the Albertine rift valley. On your way to Murchison falls National Park, you can also break at the Ziwa rhino sanctuary the only place for wild rhinos in Uganda and these can be tracked on foot and you will then proceed with your journey to Murchison falls National Park for other activities.

The park is Uganda’s largest and oldest conservation area and when you get a chance to visit the Park, you will be one of the tourists who enjoy a variety of wildlife in Murchison falls National Park because it protects 76 species of mammals such as giraffes, buffaloes and over 400 birds. The park also is bisected by the Victoria Nile which creates the dramatic Murchison falls which you will also enjoy to see  because the Nile squeezes from there and plunges with a thunderous roar into the ‘’Devil’s Cauldron’’ thus creating a trademark rainbow which you will enjoy to see.

The regular visitors to the Riverbanks include elephants, giraffes and buffaloes well as hippos, Nile crocodiles and aquatic birds are permanent residents. In the park you will come to perform various activities such as birding, game drives, sport fishing, launch trips, hiking and nature walks.

For the tourists who visit Murchison falls national park, enjoy a lot while in the park and they get good accommodation in the lodges of the park which include; Pakuba safari lodge, Sambiya river lodge, Bwana tembo safari camp, Nile safari lodge, Paraa safari lodge, Bakers safari lodge, Chobe safari lodge, Murchison river lodge and many more.

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