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Kenya is an East African country with a variety of protected areas such as game parks and reserves. The following are some of the best Kenya safari packages which a traveler to Kenya will enjoy most with the aid of Eco Tours Kenya to do all the bookings such that on the arrival, a traveler will not need to be stressed looking for hotels and lodges of residence while in the Park and looking for good vehicles for hiring, therefore all these are best solved by the above mentioned agency;


1ST day; this will be your day to arrive or access the location of the Park where you will first take residence in one of the Park’s accommodations such as; Mara Serena lodge, Mara intrepids, Mara safari club, Mara bush houses and many others depending on which one will have been booked for you by your tour agency that you will have used for all the bookings in your tour. In most of the lodges and camps, both local and international cuisine is served at the established restaurants there plus all laundry services are also available in the Park’s accommodations.

2nd day; after taking a morning bath, you will then have a cup of tea and go for various activities in the Park of which the Park’s entrance fee is US$ 80. Inside the Park you will then view the famous annual great migration which takes place in Kenya because this Park is where the migration is viewed from.

The Park is contiguous to the SERENGETI NATIONAL PARK of Tanzania where almost two millions of Wildebeests migrate from Tanzania to access the MAASAI MARA in Kenya together with thousands of Zebras and Elands in search of good pastures from there.

Over half a million of Thomson’s gazelles and 97,000 Topis also move together with the Wildebeests in search of pastures thus a traveler will have a great time while in the Park since he or she will view a very large number of wildlife.

The Park’s migrants access the Park through the Mara River of which still at the shores of the River you will view the highest number of Crocodiles in East Africa being resided there together with many hippos.

The annual great migration in the Park only takes place from July to October of each year thus during this time very many travelers invade Kenya to see this exceptional migration.

Therefore, from July to October is the most appropriate period to visit Kenya and you are highly emphasized to book earlier in order to have an amazing safari tour without receiving any disappointment especially when you book with the ECO TOURS KENYA.

3rd day; when a new day brightens, you will still wake up in the morning and have a morning bath as usual and also have a cup of tea accompanied by an edible such that you don’t suffer of hunger in the field. You will then have to participate a variety of activities including viewing of almost 500 bird species and also a sight to all Africa’s big five such as; African ;Lions, Cape buffaloes, Leopards, Elephants and Rhinos which you will all view in large numbers.

Other species which can be spotted in the Park include; Impalas, Antelopes, Cheetahs, Hyenas, Bat-eared foxes and many others. When the sunsets, you will then return to the lodge for a bath and refreshment at the lodge’s swimming pool and bar.

4th day; this will be your day to enjoy the interesting balloon safari however you are to do this safari, you are then emphasized to take residence to the nearby accommodations where the safari takes place from such as; you can take residence in the Porini Lion camp and others.

During the balloon safari, a traveler is set to fly in a strong balloon envelope made out of strong Nylon based fabric being accompanied by a professional pilot (comprising of a first class pilot permit) who will sail the balloon envelope and through it, you will then have brilliant aerial views of many things inhabited in the Park including the whole Masai ecosystem and the Serengeti plains in Tanzania.

The safari will take like half a day and then after it, you will descend down and have something to eat and after there, you can then go to your next desired destination but leaving the Park with a great experience.


After an excellent game viewing in Maasai mara, you can take a circuit safari in this Park for an excellent bird watching where you will land to over millions of Flamingos at the shores of the shallow Lake Nakuru.

The circuit safari in the Park can be well planned in one day and hopefully you will enjoy it as an extended safari in MAASAI MARA NATIONAL RESERVE which is Kenya’s best national park due to its distinct and exceptional wildlife plus the fact that its location gives easy access to other Parks.


1ST day; you will have to stay in either Kibo safari camp or Amboseli Serena safari loge or even any other accommodation around the Park and wait for the following day to do the Park’s activities such as game drives, game viewing, bird watching and cultural encounters.

During your stay at any of the above accommodations, you will have good time there at the accommodations’ swimming pools and bars plus having spectacular views of the highest free-standing Mountain in Africa. Without even leaving your booked accommodation, you will still encounter hundreds of species in the surrounding wetlands plus the migratory birds known to the immediate area.

At night you will then be served supper at the restaurant since most of the accommodations in the Park have an established restaurant offering both local and international cuisine.

2nd day; the morning will start with a cup of coffee at your lodge or camp. After having ca cup of coffee you will pack all your belongings which you will use while in the Park such as cameras, binoculars, long sleeved clothes, gloves, sun glasses and some heavy clothes because you will not be so sure about the weather for it can rain at any time.

Inside the Park you will then realize as to why it is regarded as Kenya’s second best destination for wildlife safari tours after MAASAI MARA because you will view a variety of wildlife during our game driving and game viewing activities.

In the Park you will give a sight to African Lions, Cape buffaloes, Masai giraffes, Leopards, Rhinos and Wildebeests though your sight at the largest number of elephants in the whole of Africa which are resided in the Park will then make your visitation a memorable one and more interesting.

The Park covers the highest populations of elephants in Africa of which they are estimated to be over 1200 elephants thus the Park gives a close view to the largest quantity of the free-ranging elephants in Africa. Over 400 bird species can also be spotted and viewed in the Park plus the brilliant views of Mountain Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

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