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As it is that Kenya is one of the best destinations in Africa for wildlife tour safaris due to its exceptional national parks and reserves such as; Maasai Mara National Reserve, Amboseli National Park, Samburu National Reserve, Tsavo National Park, Lake Nakuru National Park, Nairobi National Park, Aberdare National Park among others. Therefore, for the sake of Kenya’s tourists to enjoy their safari holidays in Kenya, there is a number of good beaches where tourists will go and refresh their minds after the spoilt with very many wildlife, walking, cultural activities that Eco Tours Kenya tend to offer in the parks of which some of Kenya’s beaches include:

Shanzu Beach; it is perched only 16km from Mombasa and the beach has several bars and restaurants scattered along its shores boasting panoramic vistas of the ocean. Here tourists will enjoy various activities such as swimming, boat cruises and many more.

Bamburi Beach; it is situated 9km from Mombasa and it lies in the Northern parts of Mombasa town. Palm fringed and soft, white sand beaches are welcomed by sun lovers and swimmers. The beach is made up of white sand soils all over and it is one of the best especially for swimmers and those who like involving in boat cruises.

Kikambala Beach; the beach is situated 30km north of Mombasa consisting of coconut palm groves, stretches of white beach, coral reefs and an array of resorts thus making it to be one of the best. The beach is suitable for luxurious moments since tourists will be able to swim and also involve in boat cruises. However, tourists who will go to the beach for swimming and other luxurious activities are advised to make sure that they remain arrive in such a way that you are encouraged to swim in average water levels to avoid water sinking into the deep waters which is most likely to cause death.

Nyali Beach; it is located 7km from the centre of Mombasa offering a quiet and relaxing ambiance a short drive out of the city. This is a good location for surfing, boasts colorful coral reefs and is normally not overcrowded. Therefore, after your activities in Maasai Mara National Reserve or any other Kenyan park, you should not forget to go for swimming and boat cruises plus many other activities which take place at the beach.

Diani Beach; is one of the best photogenic beaches in Kenya due to its sandy soils and other features. This beach is situated 30 km away from Mombasa town driving southwards and the beach is famous for its sand, coral reefs, underwater sandbars, water sports and palm vegetation.

Going northwards of Kenya is an Island called Lamu Island which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This Island makes for an exotic beach holiday with centuries-old Swahili settlements, no vehicles and roads and a few exclusive villas on its pristine beaches.

Shela Beach is a 12km long beach on the island with beach-front guesthouses popular among travelers. Visitors can reach the island by boat from the mainland or fly into neighboring Manda Island’s airport before crossing via ferry. The beach provides views of the neighboring Islands of Lamu Island and a spectacular view of aquatic birds. At the beach you will be prepared for a good fresh fish as you enjoy boat cruises and swimming.

North of Mombasa still exist the tropical waters of Malindi and Watamu. Where soft sand hides turtle eggs, this coastline has some of Kenya’s finest tropical beaches and beach resorts.  Not only boasting pristine and long beaches, but also this area is well known for deep-sea fishing, diving and snorkeling above its underwater sanctuaries of sea life. Turtle Bay is a 7km stretch of beach close to Malindi. This beach is known for its clear water, great swimming, surfing and local reefs. The Watamu Marine National Park is home to over 110 species of coral, leather back turtles, whale sharks and manta rays. The coastlines of Malindi and Watamu are scattered with resorts welcoming guests to this tropical treasure box.

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