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I and my colleague used the ECO TOURS AFRICA to budget for our eco – friendly safari tour in Kenya’s AMBOSELI NATIONAL PARK and for the city tours in Nairobi (Kenya’s largest and capital city). Before consulting the agency to budget for our safari, we first searched about it and found that it was the best agency to use for wildlife safaris in Kenya. We also first heard from our fellow colleagues who had just visited Kenya recently using the same agency and narrated to us how nice their trip was!!!

With a provision of various 4×4 vehicles, we decided to book for a Prado vehicle out of the many distributed by the agency. After booking our Prado vehicle and securing our safari tour with the agency, we had to fly to Kenya when our scheduled dates for the tour had reached. We booked with the agency a year before our tour such that our tour could be planned well and smoothly plus the fact that there are many tourists who visit Kenya for various activities in different Parks and Reserves, so we had fear that if we delay, we would find the vehicles when they are all booked plus the accommodations near our desired destination thus we had to book earlier to avoid that.

Soon we flew and arrived in Kenya where we reached earlier. On our arrival, we completed all the balances to the agency’s tour guides who had came to pick us from the airport since we had paid some little deposit before accessing Kenya as a way of securing our tour with the agency. After clearing the balances and ensuring the good condition of the vehicle plus agreeing to the terms and conditions put on the agency’s vehicles before taking them, we had to depart to the Park. Since we had no valid driving licenses, we had ordered for a good professional driver from the agency who drove us very well to the Park and all the agency’s drivers have valid driving licenses and frequently speak English.

Our first day in the Park we reached late thus we didn’t enter the Park for game viewing and other activities and instead we camped from our booked lodge around the Park which was called Ol Tukai safari lodge. We had supper from the restaurant at our lodge which serves best cuisine and then went for asleep till the next day when we entered the Park.

In the Park we enjoyed a view to 58 families of elephants and over 1,200 free-ranging elephants. Due to this huge number of elephants, most cites state that the Park inhabits the highest population of elephants more than any other national park in Africa and definitely we evidenced this by our own eyes. Most interesting in the Park is looking at the very many huge and giant elephants though we also viewed other things in the Park such as Lions, Cape buffaloes, Cheetahs, Wildebeests, Zebras, Masai giraffes, Spotted hyenas and many others plus a view to over 400 bird species including Pelicans, Ostriches and Flamingos plus many others.

In the Park we also got clear views of the highest peak in Africa (Mountain Kilimanjaro) which is situated in Tanzania and also enjoy the authentic culture of the Masai people who live near the Park. Still the Park is also composed of attractive flora thus we were delighted at looking at the huge trees which are found there. Everything in and outside the Park were really amazing because after the activities we did in the Park such as; game viewing, bird watching, nature walks, game drives and many others; we went back at our lodge where we refreshed our minds through various things like swimming in the swimming pool at the lodge plus drinking some cold beers and wines at the bar constituted at the lodge.

After the amazing moments in the Park, we moved away with a lot of remembrances since we had shot a lot of photos from the Park. We later headed back to Nairobi for the city tours where we had a lot of fun during the city tours because we visited many places in Nairobi including the Uhuru Park, a sight to a distinct NAIROBI NATIONAL PARK, a visit to three museums in Nairobi (Nairobi national museum, Karen Blixen museum and the Nairobi gallery museum) which also made our Kenya eco – friendly tour more interesting since we enjoyed a lot of artifacts from the three museums. During our Nairobi city tour we also viewed a variety of things such as; Kenya’ skyscrapers, media houses, national stadiums, revelers’ night clubs and many other things. Our Nairobi city tour also moved on perfectly and we grabbed a great experience from it since we had someone who knew the city carefully.

Our Nairobi city tour ended at the GIRAFFE MANOR where we viewed the large herds of Rothschild’s giraffes. Still at the Giraffes manor is where we spent our night because the hotel is made up of good rooms for its guests however its iconic building is also spectacular to any traveler’s eyes thus having an amazing moment from there. Its elegant interior, verdant green gardens, sunny terraces, delightful courtyards and its stately façade really made us comfortable and never wished to move away from the place though we still had to leave.

We really had a great and an excellent eco tour in Kenya when we booked with the ECO TOURS KENYA and one day I will still go back to Kenya to visit other places using the same agency because I am sure that I will still enjoy the same way I enjoyed that time when I visited AMBOSELI NATIONAL PARK.

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