Kambi ya Tembo translated as “camp of elephants” is a welcoming and comfortable tented accommodation not far from the entrance to Kilimanjaro National Park. Sited on a private and unrestricted concessionary area – Sinya, the camp is not bounded by any park restrictions.

Set on a small crest with spectacular views of Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa, the extensive lightly wooded South Amboseli plains and the cone of Mount Meru and other dormant volcanoes, Kambi Ya Tembo is off-the-beaten tourist track by a bouncy transfer journey with your African Mecca guide, but well worth the discomfort for the wonderful African nature safari welcome that awaits.

Bordering the camp’s shared ecology of Sinya concession is Amboseli National Park in Kenya; famed for its lumbering old tuskers, bull elephants over half a century old, with massive ivory tusks who have survived the depredations of poachers due largely to the research and conservation initiatives conducted there by Cynthia Moss over the last 25 years.

As their migration paths became more challenging between Amboseli and Sinya, some of the tuskers have settled largely around the area with large herds of matriarchs and youngsters, comprising an unusually healthy and well-balanced African elephant population thus the name of the camp.

Unpretentious, yet generously and considerately comfortable, a Kambi ya Tembo tour offers options of guided walks in the immediate vicinity or a hike on the Kilimanjaro from Londorossi Gate – the start point of the Lemosho route (view map of Kilimanjaro), or off-road safaris on the private concessionary area, as well as informative and thrilling interactions with the Maasai people in their own small villages in Sinya.

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