Self Drive in Uganda

Uganda is a huge destination to visit with vast and wide range of attractions in its diversity which include Wildlife like shy endangered Mountain Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Golden Monkeys, Black and White Colobus Monkeys, Red tailed Monkeys, Vervets, Blue Monkeys, African Big Fives ( Elephants, Lions, Leopards, Buffaloes and Rhinoceros), Giraffe, Zebras, Kobs, Elands, impala and more.

Among the sightseeing in Uganda we have National Parks, game reserves and Sanctuaries plus adventure sites which include Mountains, falls, rivers, lakes and cultural sites like Kasubi tombs, Kabaka’s palace, Batwa cultural village and more. You can save more of your money when you go self drive on your safari holiday in Uganda through following the steps listed below:-

 Hire a Car with a suitable Car hire company in Uganda

4×4 Car hire Uganda is one of the premium car hire companies in Uganda specializing in providing different brands of 4×4 wheel drive Safari Jeeps which include Land Cruiser Prado, TX, TZ, V8, Super custom, Safari Vans, Safari Cruiser Extended, Rav4 and more to all clients from different countries at suitable, affordable and cheap prices.

Renting a car with this company for long term ranging from three weeks up to any number of months guarantees you to receive a offer of discounted prices which goes up to 5% discount off the original prices, field operators like Mechanics are available in different regions of Uganda with 24 hours mobile phones to be notified and provide help in case of any problem concerning the Vehicle you are using.

Hire a cheap 4×4 wheel drive fleet

If you would like to go self drive in Uganda at a cheap cost you are advised to rent a car which is offered at a cheap price and in Uganda the cheap one is a Rav4 which goes for $45 USD per day, hiring it for a long term starting from three weeks a discount of 5% is offered off the original prices. You should make sure its 4×4 wheel drive fleet because some of the roads in Uganda are marum roads and they tend to be slippery during rainy season.


Going self drive in Uganda by visiting different destinations at a cheap cost consider using cheap accommodation facilities like hiring camping gears or sleeping in self contained tented camps. Most of the Car hire companies in Uganda also have Camping gears for hiring at a cost of $10 USD per day which include Camping tents, sleeping bags, chairs, gas cooker, cooking utensils, mattresses, cooler and more. If not Camping gears and not used to cooking cheap self contained tented camps and Bandas are available at $100 USD & $200 USD per night full board respectively.

Hire a GPS

If you are not well conversant with all routes in Uganda please hire a GPS to help you with location of different places such that you do not get lost on the way which may call for extra costs due to long distance drives.

Book your permits with a Tour Operator

If you are to engage in different activities like Gorilla trekking and habituation, Chimpanzee tracking and habituation, Golden Monkey tracking and more it’s advised you book all these permits with a local tour operator to avoid inconveniences due to late bookings. Money for Gorilla trekking permits is paid in advance to book them before the trekking dates.

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