African Wildlife Safaris

Visit Africa with high end travel mind as now there so many luxury safari lodges that have been open in the African safari parks. You can travel to Africa and stay in high-end luxury hotels in the city, taking day trips in an air-conditioned 4wheel drive vehicle to locations that can give you a true feeling of what the amazing country is really like. Africa is meant to be explored, to be embraced as an adventure. And the best way to do this is by booking your accommodation with camps and lodges that can provide you with a Luxury stay.

A real African adventure lets you experience the wilderness safaris of this amazing continent close up and personal, instead of taking in the views through National Geographic. Watch the sunrise over the savannah, slowly waking the wildlife to another beautiful African day.

Camps and lodges throughout Tanzania and other countries will agree that in order to see the real Africa, you need to stop being a spectator and instead become part of Africa you see around you. A true luxury stay is about interacting with the world around you watching, listening, and then experiencing Africa off the beaten path. If you stay on that tourist path, you will never get a true glimpse of Africa.

On a real African Luxury Safari vacation, you have the opportunity to learn about different cultures that have thrived for years. As you learn about other cultures, you learn more about yourself and your connection to the world around you. This unique experience is different from tours in other countries, where an indoor museum tour shows you the history and culture of the country.

A true African vacation is all about an authentic cultural experience. You want to be exposed to different customs and cultures, unique traditions and dress, languages and dances that you won’t encounter when you stay in top-end hotels. Unless you go off the beaten path, you won’t be able to witness the true side of Africa. You’ll only be shown Africa these hotels and tours think you should see. Many of these hotels will show you Africa as an entertainment rather than as an education that you need to jump into the midst of.

A stay in camps and lodges, you’ll get to know your hosts and guides. You’ll be able to ask questions and know the answers are based on experience and a desire to show you their beautiful country. Your host and guide will make sure you have a luxury stay that’s true to what Africa is all about.

Luxury accommodation on your African safari is all about staying right in the heart of the wilderness. Rather than staying in a penthouse with air conditioning and views through a glass window, you’ll be sleeping in the comfort of a tented camp with plush bedding, and a hot shower right outside. You’ll be able to experience the wilderness in ways you’ve only dreamed of.

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